Who is TCA?

The Texas Chemistry Association was founded in 1983 as is an important voice for the chemical industry in Texas.

As a member of TCA, your company will be entitled to many benefits, including:

  • Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy;
  • Communications on Current Practices and Trends within the Industry;
  • TCC/TCA Newsletters;
  • Economic Updates;
  • Industry Seminars and Workshops;
  • Access to Public Relations Materials;
  • Participation in Association Committees;
  • Regional Meetings Bringing together Producers and Suppliers;
  • Opportunities for Educational & Public Image Outreach Programs;
  • Annual Meeting;

TCA represents large and small businesses ranging from chemical manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and a variety of service companies that are vital to the Texas chemical industry.

TCA members provide a support system crucial to maintaining a strong economy for the chemical industry in Texas.

All applicants for TCA membership must complete the Membership Application and submit with annual dues payment. Dues amounts are based on gross sales from Texas operations, of the previous years business. The corresponding category for that amount defines the dues for the current year.

Please direct any questions to Warren Beall, Membership Director, (512-646-6409.)